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albescensLymantria albescens albescenslym505 barlowiLymantria barlowi barlowilym661
albidoLymantria sinica albidolym629 beatrixLymantria beatrix beatrixlym629, lym630
albolunulataLymantria albolunulata albolunulatalym678, lym679 behounekiLymantria behouneki behounekilym520
alexandraeLymantria alexandrae alexandraelym610 bivittataLymantria bivittata bivittatalym540, lym541,
lym542, lym543,
lym544, lym545,
lym546, lym547,
lym548, lym549,
amplaLymantria ampla amplalym510 broteaLymantria brotea brotealym521, lym522
antennataLymantria antennata antennatalym510 brunneiplagaLymantria brunneiplaga brunneiplagalym532, lym533,
lym534, lym535,
lym536, lym537
apicebrunneaLymantria apicebrunnea apicebrunnealym505, lym506 buchsbaumiLymantria sobrina buchsbaumilym623
argyrochroaLymantria argyrochroa argyrochroalym627 caliginosaLymantria caliginosa caliginosalym661
aryamaLymantria aryama aryamalym510 capnodesLymantria capnodes capnodeslym656
ascetriaLymantria ascetria ascetrialym531 carteriLymantria lunata carterilym512
asiaticaLymantria dispar asiaticalym485, lym486,
lym487, lym488,
lym489, lym490,
lym491, lym492,
lym493, lym494
celebesaLymantria buruensis celebesalym518, lym519,
atemelesLymantria atemeles atemeleslym634 cernyiLymantria cryptochloea cernyilym660
auroraLymantria mathura auroralym652, lym653,
chromaLymantria chroma chromalym635
bantaizanaLymantria kobesi bantaizanalym677 concolorLymantria concolor concolorlym587, lym588,
lym589, lym590,
lym591, lym592,
lym593, lym594,
lym595, lym596,
lym597, lym598,
lym599, lym600,
lym601, lym602,
lym603, lym604,
lym605, lym606,
lym607, lym608
barisanaLymantria inordinata barisanalym674 costalisLymantria costalis costalislym510
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