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  Home address:
ul. Chkalova, 57-81, Barnaul
656049, RUSSIA

I was born 30.11.1974 in Barnaul, Altaiskij Krai, Russia in 1974 in a family of medical doctors. Since my childhood myinterest has been orientated to animals, especially Insecta. I attended primary and secondary school in Barnaul and graduated in 1996 at the Altai State Medical University, studying child psychiatry and neurophysiology.

During my studies at university I took part in a great number of expeditions to Altai, Sayan Mountains, Kazakhstan andRussian Far East.

After my degree in medicine, I worked as a child neurophysiologist and as a volunteer of the Altai State University (Zoological Museum)

In the field of medicine, I published 6 articles about pharmacotherapy of Episyndrome, MBD-Syndrome and neural perinatal pathology. Currently, I work as chief of Department of practical psychology in the Altai regional Institute and as lecturer for school teachers.

In the entomological field I prepared the thesis “Butterflies (Lepidoptera, Rhopalocera) of Altai Mountain Country”,[Dissertation autoreferate] at the Altai State University, Barnaul) and worked as a scientific researcher in the Biological Department of the Altai State University. My general interest is directed to the Butterflies (Rhopalocera) – fauna of Altai Mountains, especially to the Russian and Mongolian parts.

I own a private collection of Palearctic Rhopalocera (20.000 specimens, including 500 paratypes) and a collection of World Cossidae (4.500 specimens). I participated in several expeditions to different parts of South Siberia, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Russian Far East and Peru.

My scientific work was supported by Thomas – WITT - Stiftung in 2003 and 2006 in order to enable me to study material in different European museums (Kiev, Moscow, Vladivostok, St. Petersburg, Munich, Berlin, Bonn, Karlsruhe, London, Paris, Bruxelles, Leiden, Amsterdam, Tervuren).

In 2003 we (together Mr. Thomas J. WITT) launched a new project on the taxonomy and faunistics of the Eurasian Cossidae.The results are planned to be published in a series of articles and finally in a revisional monograph of the family Cossidae.

Expedition by Roman Yakovlev (4 Years in travels)
Southern and Eastern part of Kazakhstan - 1989, 2000, 2001, 2006
Russian part of Altai, Sayans, Tuva, Western Siberian plain - each year (1990–2010)
Fare East of Russia (Amur, Khabarovsk and Primorje regions) - 1992, 2005, 2006
Mongolia - 1999, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2010
Peru 2001

Abb. 1. In expectant of pass to the Chinese border (NW Mongolia, Elt-Gol Valley, July 2005)

Abb. 2. I in the Central Peru (Janin prov., Shima village, Jan. 2001)

Abb. 3. Complex entomology-botany expedition: Prof. V. Anikin (Coleophoridae), Dr. D. Belkin (botanist), Dr. R. Yakovlev (Diurna, Cossidae), Dr. Elena Guskova (Chrysomelidae), Alexander Shalimov (botanist) in the Russian Altai (Kosh-Agach distr., near Kuray village).

Abb. 4. SW Mongolia, Dzhungarien Gobi, Uvkhod-Ula Mts., July 2007

Abb. 5. In the Tamarix jungle (S. Mongolia, near Alag-Nuur lake, July 2007).

Abb. 6. Border between Tuva and Altai, August 2009.

Abb. 7. Yak flies as butterfly (Russia, Altai, Ukok plateau).

Abb. 8. Russia, Altai, Ukok plateau (border of 4 countries: Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Mongolia).

Abb. 9. Labidostomis yakovlevi Guskova, 2007 (Mongolian Altai).

Abb. 10. Ethnography impressions (Mongolia, July 2007)

We are catching not only Lepidoptera

Abb. 11. Fishing in the Western Mongolia, 2007.

Abb. 12. Snakes in the Fare East of Russia, 2006.

The bear want to catch as

Abb. 13. In the Fare East of Russia.

Results of personally expedition research
More than 50 new species for fauna of Russia and Mongolia4 new Genera and 7 new species of Cossidae, 7 new species and 21 new subspecies of Diurna, 1 new species of Notodontidae.Publication (as coauthor) of 2 faunistic monographs about Lepidopterofauna of Altai-Sayan Mountains and Mongolia.


New taxa, described by Roman Yakovlev

Catoptiinae Yakovlev, 2009

Holcocerini Yakovlev, 2006
Zeuzerocossini Yakovlev, 2008

1.Pygmeocossus Yakovlev, 2005
2.Wittocossus Yakovlev, 2004
3.Groenendaelia Yakovlev, 2004
4.Lakshmia Yakovlev, 2004
5.Kotchevnik Yakovlev, 2004
6.Vartiania Yakovlev, 2004
7.Garuda Yakovlev, 2004
8.Butaya Yakovlev, 2004
9.Nirvana Yakovlev, 2004
10.Sansara Yakovlev, 2004
11.Gobibatyr Yakovlev, 2004
12.Deserticossus Yakovlev, 2006
13.Cryptoholcocerus Yakovlev, 2006
14.Streltzoviella Yakovlev, 2006
15.Barchaniella Yakovlev, 2006
16.Plyustchiella Yakovlev, 2006
17.Franzdanielia Yakovlev, 2006
18.Ronaldocossus Yakovlev, 2006 (Type species: Ronaldocossus brechlini Yakovlev, 2006)
19.Sundacossus Yakovlev, 2006 (Type species: Sundacossus timur Yakovlev, 2006)
20.Chinocossus Yakovlev, 2006 (Type species: Cossus hunanensis Daniel, 1940)
21.Dervishiya 2006 (Type species: Cossus cadambae Moore, 1865)
22.Aholcocerus Yakovlev, 2006 (Type species: Aholcocerus ronkayorum Yakovlev, 2006)
23.Patoprtoformis Yakovlev, 2006 (Type species: Patoptoformis hanuman Yakovlev, 2006)
24.Assegaj Yakovlev, 2006 (Type species: Assegaj clenchi Yakovlev, 2006)
25.Luzoniella Yakovlev, 2006 (Type species: Luzoniella meyi Yakovlev, 2006)
26.Wittocossus Yakovlev, 2007
27.Semitocossus Yakovlev, 2007
28.Zeuzerocossus Yakovlev, 2008 (Type species: Cossus cinereus)
29.Rambuasalama Yakovlev et Saldaitis, 2008 (Type species: Rambuasalama augustasi Yakovlev et Saldaitis, 2008)
30.Afroarabiella Yakovlev, 2008 (Type species: Cossus tahamae WILTSHIRE, 1949)

1. Meyoarabiella Yakovlev, 2008 (Type species: Afroarabiella meyi Yakovlev, 2008)

1.Pygmeocossus tonga Yakovlev, 2005 (Andaman Isl.)
2.Lakshmia zolotuhini Yakovlev, 2004 (Thailand, Changwat Nan, 5 km E of Bo Luang)
3.Lakshmia hauensteini Yakovlev, 2004 (North Thailand, Prov. Chiang Mai, 450 m, Mok Fa Garden Resort, 98º48’ E; 19º06’ N)
4.Kotchevnik durrelli Yakovlev, 2004 (Armenia)
5.Kotchevnik schablyai Yakovlev, 2004 (Tadjikistan)
6.Vartiania zaratustra Yakovlev, 2004 (S Iran)
7.Vartiania sapho Yakovlev, 2007 (Pakistan)
8.Patopta ganesha Yakovlev, 2004 (Nepal, Ganesh Himal, valley of Mailung Khola)
9.Gobibatyr ustyuzhanini Yakovlev, 2004 (SW Mongolia, Gobi-Altai Aimak, Biger)
10.Lamellocossus victor Yakovlev, 2004 (S Tuva)
11.Cossus shmakovi Yakovlev, 2004 (S Tuva)
12.Cossus siniaevi Yakovlev, 2004 (China, Shaanxi prov, Tai Bai Shan Mts., Tsiling Mts., Houzhenzi)
13.Cossulus nedretus de Freina et Yakovlev, 2005 (E Turkey)
14.Cossulus griseatellus Yakovlev, 2006 (Pakistan)
15.Cossulus nasreddin Yakovlev, 2006 (Uzbekistan)
16.Cossulus alaicus Yakovlev, 2006 (Kyrgyzstan)
17.Cossulus alatauicus Yakovlev, 2006 (Kazakhstan)
18.Cossulus nikiforoviorum Yakovlev, 2006 (Uzbekistan)
19.Paracossus khmer Yakovlev, 2004 (S Cambodia, Sre Klong env., Kirirom)
20.Paracossus microgenitalis Yakovlev, 2004 (S Borneo, Sabah prov., Trus Madi bei, Apin Apin)
21.Paracossus predictus Yakovlev, 2004 (N Celebes, Minahassa)
22.Paracossus pinratanai Yakovlev, 2004 (N Thailand)
23.Garuda galina Yakovlev, 2004 (China, Yunnan prov. (NE), Jinsha river, Tiger leping gorge)
24.Garuda albostriata Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: China, Yunnan)
25.Butaya gracilis Yakovlev, 2004 (China, W Yunnan prov. Xishuangbanna Dai auton. pref., Puwen, 30 km SSW of Simao)
26.Trismelasmos robinson Yakovlev, 2004 (Philippines, Leyte (S), Mt. Balocaue)
27.Panau borealis Yakovlev, 2004 (China, W-Yunnan prov., Xishuangbanna Dai auton. pref., Puwen, 30 km SSW Simao)
28.Nirvana buddhi Yakovlev, 2004 (N Thailand)
29.Catopta perunovi Yakovlev, 2007 (Russia, Altai Rep., near Ongudai)
30.Catopta saldaitisi Yakovlev, 2007 (S. Mongolia, Omnogovi aimak, Govi Altay Mts., Gurvan Sayhan)
31.Afroarabiella ukambani Yakovlev, 2008 (TL: Kenya)
32.Afroarabiella politzari Yakovlev, 2008 (TL: Kenya)
33.Afroarabiella meyi Yakovlev, 2008 (TL: South Africa)
34.Sansara hreblayi Yakovlev, 2004 (N Thailand)
35.Sansara naumanni Yakovlev, 2004 (N Thailand)
36.Holcocerus beketi Yakovlev, 2004 (SW Mongolia, Hovd Aimak, Dzhungarian Gobi)
37.Semagystia kamelini Yakovlev, 2004 (S Altai, Narym Mts.)
38.Semagystia pushtunica Yakovlev, 2007 (Afghanistan)
39.Semagystia wernerithomasi Yakovlev, 2007 (Afghanistan)
40.Semagystia witti Yakovlev, 2007 (Afghanistan)
41.Semagystia pljushchi Yakovlev, 2007 (Kazakhstan)
42.Semagystia dubatolovi Yakovlev, 2007 (Kugitang)
43.Semagystia enigma Yakovlev, 2007 (Turkey)
44.Semagystia alaica Yakovlev, 2007 (Kirgizija)
45.Semagystia stchetkini Yakovlev, 2007 (Tadzhikistan)
46.Semagystia lukhtanovi Yakovlev, 2007 (Tadzhikistan)
47.Stygioides ivinskisi Saldaitis & Yakovlev in Saldaitis, Yakovlev & Ivinskis, 2007 (Lebanon)
48.Dyspessa kostyuki Yakovlev, 2005 (Russia, N. Caucasus)
49.Dyspessa arabesca Yakovlev, 2005 (W. Turkey)
50.Dyspessa aphrodite Yakovlev & Witt, 2007 (Greece)
51.Dyspessa marikowskyi Yakovlev, 2007 (SE Kazakhstan)
52.Dyspessa manas Yakovlev, 2007 (Kirgizija)
53.Dyspessa mogola Yakovlev, 2007 (Khodzhent)
54.Dyspessa karatavica Yakovlev, 2007 (SW Kazakhstan)
55.Dyspessa rueckbeili Yakovlev, 2007 (China, Altyntagh)
56.Dieida judith Yakovlev, 2009 (Israel)
57.Holcocerus didmanidzae Yakovlev, 2006 (Georgia)
58.Holcocerus ryabovi Yakovlev, 2006 (Armenia)
59.Holcocerus witti Yakovlev, Saldaitis et Ivinskis, 2007 (N Iran)
60.Deserticossus janychar Yakovlev, 2006 (Turkey)
61.Deserticossus curdus Yakovlev, 2006 (Iraq)
62.Deserticossus churkini Yakovlev, 2006 (Mongolia)
63.Deserticossus decoratus Yakovlev, 2006 (Kazakhstan)
64.Deserticossus lukhtanovi Yakovlev, 2006 (Tadzhikistan)
65.Deserticossus danilevskyi Yakovlev, 2006 (Kazakhstan)
66.Eremocossus nubica Yakovlev, 2008 (TL: Sudan)
67.Ronaldocossus brechlini Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: S. Sulawesi)
68.Isocossus stroehli Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: Sumatra)
69.Paracossus thaika Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: S. Thailand)
70.Paracossus artushka Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: S. Thailand)
71.Paracossus rama Yakovlev, sp.n. (TL: N. Thailand)
72.Paracossus amasonka Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: the Philippines, Palawan)
73.Paracossus loeffleri Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: Central Vietnam)
74.Sundacossus timur Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: Indonesia: Flores)
75.Sundacossus gauguini Yakovlev, 2008 (TL: Indonesia, Sumba Isl.)
76.Chinocossus marcopoloi Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: China, NW Yunnan)
77.Chinocossus vjet Yakovlev, 2006 (N. Vietnam)
78.Cossus hoenei Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: China, Shaanxi)
79.Rambuasalama augustasi Yakovlev et Saldaitis, 2008 (TL: Madagaskar)
80.Aholcocerus ronkayorum Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: Pakistan, Islamabad)
81.Patoptoformis hanuman Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: NE India, Assam)
82.Assegaj clenchi Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: Congo)
83.Azygophleps confucianus Yakovlev 2006 (China, SE Tibet)
84.Lakshmia sirena Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: S. Vietnam)
85.Lakshmia dea Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: Nepal)
86.Luzoniella meyi Yakovlev sp.n. (TL: the Philippines, Luzon)
87.Bergaris flora Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: Indonesien, Flores)
88.Rapdalus albicolor Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: the Philippines, Palawan)
89.Tarsozeuzera vavizola Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: S. Thailand)
90.Tarsozeuzera livingstoni Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: Congo)
91.Trismelasmos magellani Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: New Guinea, Irian Barat)
92.Skeletophyllon friedeli Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: S. Thailand)
93.Skeletophyllon puer Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: N. Sumatra)
94.Phragmataecia pacifica Yakovlev, 2007 (TL: Russia, Dagestan, 5 km E. Urma)
95.Phragmataecia gurkoi Yakovlev, 2007 (TL: Pakistan)
96.Stygia nilssoni Saldaitis et Yakovlev, 2008 (TL: Canary Isl.)

1.Rapdalus albicolor luzonicus Yakovlev, 2006 (TL: the Philippines, Luzon)
2.Cossulus mollis muelleri Yakovlev, 2006 (Iraq)
3.Catopta albonubila argunica Yakovlev, 2007 (East Trasbaicalia, Kuenga, 45 km SW Sretensk)
4.Cossus cossus dauricus Yakovlev, 2007 (Russ. Transbaicalien, Tschita geb., Nizhnij Tsasutchej)
5.Cossus cossus dersu Yakovlev, 2009 (SE Russia, Primorje)
6.Cossus cossus kopetdaghi Yakovlev, 2009 (Turkmenistan, Kopetdagh)
7.Paropta paradoxus kathikas Yakovlev et Lewandowski, 2007 (Cyprus)
8.Eremocossus vaulogeri erebuni Yakovlev, 2008 (TL: Armenia)
9.Relluna nurella wallasei Yakovlev, 2008 (Burma)

1.Tongeia fischeri antropovi Yakovlev, 2003 (Mynchukur range, the North Dzhungarian Alatau Mountain)
2.Tongeia fischeri doroshkini Yakovlev, 2003 (S Tuva)
3.Agriades glandon ustjuzhanini Yakovlev et Churkin, 2003 (SW Mongolia, Gobi-Altai district)
4.Palaeophilotes triphysina lama Yakovlev, 2004 (N Mongolia)
5.Agrodiaetus mediator habievi Yakovlev, 2004 (SW Mongolia)
6.Tongeia germani Yakovlev, 2004 (SW Mongolia)
7.Tongeia bisudu Zhdanko et Yakovlev, 2001 (SW Mongolia)
8.Tongeia arata Yakovlev, 2009 (SW Mongolia)
9.Neolycaena musa Zhdanko et Yakovlev, 2001 (SW Mongolia)
10.Athamantia athamantis bulganica Churkin & Yakovlev, 2006
11.Tomares callimachus tauricus Korb et Yakovlev, 1998 (Crimea)
12.Pseudophilotes svetlana Yakovlev, 2003 (SW Mongolia)
13.Plebejus munkhbajar belchir Churkin et Yakovlev, 2005 (SW Mongolia)

14.Chazara kaufmanni doroshkini Yakovlev, 2004 (Mongolia)
15.Hyponephele smirnovi Yakovlev, 2004 (Mongolia)
16.Oeneis jutta akoene Belik et Yakovlev, 2001 (SE Altai, Ukok plateau)
17.Oeneis elwesi devius Churkin et Yakovlev, 2005 (SW Mongolia)
18.Oeneis magna eltgoli Yakovlev, 2006 (Mongolia)
19.Erebia jeniseiensis ryzhkovi Yakovlev, 2006 (Mongolia)
20.Erebia theano dyachenkoi Yakovlev, 2006 (Mongolia)

21.Melitaea elenae Yakovlev, 2007 (SW Mongolia)
22.Melitaea didyma pseudolatonigena Yakovlev, 2002 (C. Tuva)
23.Melitaea phoebe streltzovi Kolesnichenko et Yakovlev, 2004 (SW Mongolia)
24.Clossiana angarensis schelkovnikovi Korb et Yakovlev, 1998 (SE Altai) = Clossiana angarensis alticola

25.Pieris (napi) euorientis sauron Yakovlev, 2004 (Saur)
26.Pieris euorientis mihon Yakovlev, 2006 (Mongolian Altai)
27.Colias mongola ukokana Korb et Yakovlev, 1999 (SE Altai) = ? C. mongola mongola
28.Colias regia svetlana Korb et Yakovlev, 1998 (Kyrgyzstan)
29.Colias thisoa cryptochrysa Yakovlev, 2006 (Mongolia)

30.Parnassius phoebus chingizid Yakovlev, 2006 (Mongolia)
31.Parnassius phoebus bajangolus Yakovlev, 2006 (Mongolia)
32.Parnassius ariadne erlik Yakovlev, 2009 (Altai)

Zaranga tukuringra Streltsov & Yakovlev, 2007 (Russia, Amur reg.)

List of patronyms:

1.Yakovlevina Kemal & Koçak, 2007 (Lepidoptera, Cossidae)
2.Labidostomis yakovlevi Gus’kova, 2007 (Mongolia, Ulegej) (Coleoptera, Chrysomelidae)
3.Protocollops yakovlevi Tshernyshev, 2008 (Coleoptera, Malachiidae)
4.Meganola yakovlevi Ronkay, Ronkay & Witt (Lepidoptera, Nolidae)
5.Meharia yakovlevi Saldaitis et Ivinskis, 2009 (Sokotra Isl.) (Lepidoptera, Cossidae)
6.Boloria eunomia yakovlevi Korb, 2000 (Altai, Ukok) (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae)
7.Melitaea didymina yakovlevi Kolesnichenko, 2005 (bona species!) (Mongolia, Hovd) (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae)
8.Hyponephele lycaon jakovlevi Korolev, 2000 (Altai, Karagem) (Lepidoptera, Satyridae)
9.Leptidea reali yakovlevi Mazel, 2002 (Novosibirsk, Berdsk) (Lepidoptera, Pieridae)
10.Parnassius jaqumonthi yakovlevi Korb, 2000 (Lepidoptera, Papilionidae)

A list of references: