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Project "Insect Fauna of Taiwan"

Editor: Dr. Shen-Horn YEN

This project, of which the objective is an inventory of insects’ fauna of Taiwan, has been already partially fulfilled:

Dr. YEN, Shen-Horn
Assistant Professor
Department of Biological Sciences
National Sun Yat-Sen University
70 Lien-hai Rd., Kaohsiung City 804
e-mail: shenhornyen@hotmail.com

in the area of silk moths appeared a summarizing work of CHANG "Illustrated Moths of Taiwan 1-2" (1989) along with coming later volumes 2,4,6,7,8,9,10,12,13,14,15,17 (1993-1997) of an extensive work "Guide Books to Taiwan Insects" by Hsiau Yue WANG. Our knowledge on insects of Taiwan has expanded since the appearance of these publications.

A quite rich in number of species and individuals materials have made its way to WITT Museum due to the vivid collecting activity of Hungarian colleagues in 90-es of the last century in Taiwan. Ongoing studies of this collection by WITT and corresponding scientist bring so much of new knowledge to the field, that this collection alone worthwhile to be published.

The level of study greatly varies among families. So, before starting a detailed description of each species diagnosis, biology, habitat and ecology, distribution (with map), it is essential, that the specialist should make a list of species for each family according to the modern understanding.

One of the results of research activities in WITT Museum is the detailed study of the family Thyatiridae by LÁSZLÒ & RONKAY & RONKAY & WITT, prepared for publication. Ongoing revision of type specimens (LÁSZLÓ & RONKAY & RONKAY & WITT in print) made it possible to order this family taxonomically, furnishing it with identification keys, based on pictures and genital structure, as well as on differential diagnoses. Here we have a complete set of images and genital structures for both sexes, data on availability and distribution, supported by concrete specimens.

This study represents a pilot project. Now it can be already noticed, that the crew of Hungarian experts on Noctuidae will conduct similar research.

YEN now is working on the family Bombycidae, an actual checklist of which has been produced by ZOLOTUHIN. The latter now works on the general revision of this family.

The next step is the study of the family Lasiocampidae by ZOLOTUHIN & WITT, although some new data has to be published prior to that.

The entire material on Notodontidae has been already identified by SCHINTLMEISTER and integrated to the collection by WITT, who inserted data in the computer for future publications.

BUCHSBAUM has carried out preliminary studies on Drepanidae. Expeditions’ material in WITT Museum needs the further study.