Dear colleagues,

After the unexpected death of our father, the family needs some time to mourn and to organise themselves.

We ask you for your patience.

We will respond to any inquiries regarding the Museum Witt (
awitt.verwaltung@gmail.com) as soon as possible.
Thank you,

Verena and Alessa Witt

At the request of our father, the funeral took place in the closest circle of the family. As a sign of sympathy, a donation to the Thomas Witt Foundation would have been in the spirit of our father.

Thomas Witt Stiftung
IBAN: DE49 2003 0300 0135 5983 00

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Thomas-Witt foundation
Caio witti
Holotype Caio witti BRECHLIN & MEISTER, 2010

"Und wie man weiß bleibt Wissen immer unvollendet"
(from: Felix Philipp INGOLD – 2002. Jeder Zeit, Andere Gedichte.)

„Erst bei einer synthetischen Betrachtung von Habitus, Genitalmorphologie, geographischer Verbreitung, Biologie und Verhaltensweise [und heute der DNA-Analyse] .... kann einmal eine natürliche Systematik ihre Anwendung finden."
(follow WITT, T.J.-1977. Mitt.Münch.Ent.Ges.66:142.)