Integrated List of all Types of Family Zygaenidae (Lepidoptera) 

"The Integrated List of all Types of Family Zygaenidae (Lepidoptera)" has the aim to list the complete stock of typematerial of this family in collections. During the last century a very great number of new taxa was described in genus Zygaena FABRICIUS, 1775. An enormous number of subspecies was described in widespread species. The list will make it possible quickly to find out the collections and museums where the types are preserved.

The idea of an "Integrated List of all Types of Family Zygaenidae" was created by Thomas WITT when working on the list of types of the Museum WITT where the collections of the Zygaena-specialists Franz DANIEL, Karl-Heinz WIEGEL and Hugo & Günther REISS are assembled. While discussing this subject with Zygaena-spezialist Axel HOFMANN the idea was born also to add the typematerials of his rich collection. Finally here all museums and collectors owning type-material of Zygaenidae now are called up and invited also to add their stock into this list.

"The Integrated List of all Types of Family Zygaenidae (Lepidoptera)" consists of a group of workers to which each lepidopterist is invited to contribute in the case that he has type-material of Zygaenidae at his disposal in his collection. He receives a personal password making possible access to the database and adding his types by himself.
Especially holotypes and lectotypes can be figured with labels. The photographs are accessible to all users in low degree of pixels with the remark on the owner`s copyright. Users are obliged to ask for permission if they want to publish photographs of the types in their scientific publications.

The Integrated Typelist contains a column in which the symbol of the owner of the type-material listed is given. The lines of the list can be grouped by this symbol with the result that the list of each contributor can be seen separately.

The Integrated Typelist also can be grouped by species or by authors. Subsequently it is possible to show the stock of a species like Zygaena filipendulae with all her subspecies or to show all taxa which were described by a single author. If you group the list p.e. after the author HOLIK, so all lines with taxa as species, subspecies, varietas or aberratio described only by this author will appear.
The following members made contributions with the complete stock of type-material of their collections:
name town abbreviation remark database
Axel HOFMANN Freiburg CAH
Zoologisches Museum,
National Shevchenko University
Kiev ZMKU with coll. L. SHELJUZHKO

Zoologische Staatssammlung
München ZSM with coll. B. ALBERTI
Museum WITT München MWM with collecctions K.-H. WIEGEL, F. DANIEL, H.& G. REISS
Zoologisches Forschungsinstitut und Museum Alexander KOENIG Bonn ZFMK with coll. C.M. NAUMANN

It is our aim to make this "Integrated Typelist" as complete as possible. Subsequently all museums and private collectors worldwide in whose collections typematerial is preserved of the family Zygaenidae (Procridinae, Callizygaeninae, Phaudinae, Chalcosiinae, Zygaeninae (with Zygaena) are invited to take part in the project.

Please contact the following address:
ARGE Gesamttypenverzeichnis Zygaenidae
c/o Museum WITT
Tengstraße 33, D-80796 München

Munich, february 2010
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